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      Welcome to Outlaw Gaming Community!!

      Outlaw Gaming Community (OGC) is a community comprised of many clans that work together using tactics and communication to dominate opponents. OGC is a reputable community that strives to win using only fair game play. We are always looking for new members and essentially future leaders within OGC.

      The OGC forums are used for members to discuss gameplay tactics to help each other become better players, and in turn, make OGC a better community. We are always looking for new ways to enhance everyone's experience in OGC, and we welcome your input.

      News Team

      The News Team is for members who have an interest in researching and creating articles to share with the community. These articles may be posted on the front page of the OGC website for everyone's viewing. You can write about anything you desire (as long as it is clean and respectful), but many focus on what members of the community are interested in -gaming! You can also hold interviews with your teammates, and maybe find out something you didn't know about someone you play with everyday. To join the News Team, please visit: http://outlawgamingcommunity.com/for...-OGC-News-Team
      If you do not wish to be a part of the News Team, but have a topic suggestion, please contact any News Team member. Your input is always appreciated.

      Design Team

      The Design Team is for members who have an interest in designing banners and signatures for the community. If you enjoy graphic design, this is the place for you. Several requests for new signatures come in from OGC members all the time. If you are interested in joining the design team, please visit: http://outlawgamingcommunity.com/for...GC-Design-Team

      Outlaw Gaming Ladders

      OGC has their very own gaming ladders. The ladders are used for fun and competitive gaming for members within the community, and eventually will extend to clans outside of our community. There are currently ladders for the following gameplays in Black Ops II: Team Deathmatch, Singles, Doubles, Kill Confirmed, Sniper Wars 3v3, and Sticks and Stones. To participate, please visit http://outlawgamingcommunity.com/ogladders/ and challenge someone!

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      by Published on 03-19-2016 10:55 AM

      Announcement: OGC Community Competition

      OGC Quahog, of AP, will be holding a community competition at the ...
      by Published on 03-19-2016 10:34 AM

      Author: OGC KHAOS

      To begin to describe my experience with OGC is difficult to explain simply.

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